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Jeremy J. Greenberg (born September 23, 1978) is an emerging American contemporary artist and designer known for his flamboyant and unabashedly flirtatious sculptures such as Flux Transducer produced in stainless steel, fabric, foam, heat lamps and motor.

Buddy Hilton Brand

The Buddy Hilton brand, inspired by Artist, Jeremy J. Greenberg's alter ego, was created to implement a multi-channel creative production service. Buddy Hilton is an eccentric fictional character used by the artist to filter ideas/concepts through a mixture of narrative layers and visual interpretations. Buddy Hilton represents the identity of Jeremy J. Greenberg’s art, he is the “face of the franchise” including all business development and marketing strategies.

The Classic Logo (main logo) was designed in a complimentary color scheme of “opposite” hues. The fonts created embody the style of Buddy Hilton; the “b” represents boldness, and the “h” symbolizes elegance. The outer shell is pill-shaped, symbolizing the artists’ relationship with his art as a form of needed medication.

The Staff Logo was designed in black and white; it is a multi-purpose logo used for staff, marketing and merchandise.

The Alternative Logo was designed in a similar color scheme as the Classic Logo but with an added element of pattern. The purpose of this logo is for marketing and merchandise only. The patterns used in this logo will alter from project to project.

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