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Jeremy J. Greenberg (born September 23, 1978) is an emerging American contemporary artist and designer known for his flamboyant and unabashedly flirtatious sculptures such as Flux Transducer produced in stainless steel, fabric, foam, heat lamps and motor.


2004          ABC6/FOX28 ‘Tribute to Columbus’

2004          Columbus Alive ‘Exhibition’


2003          The Other Paper ‘Art Exhibition’


2003          International Sculpture Magazine ‘ 2003 ISC Award Winner’
                 “Jeremy J. Greenberg received the International Sculpture Center

                 Outstanding  Student  Achievement in Contemporary Sculpture Award

                 after being nominated by  the Ohio University faculty.”


2003          Perspectives Magazine ‘Building Beauty’ written by Jamie Ciavarra
                 “The aqua blue, curvy creature, finally finished with long steel rods

                 protruding  from its body, sits in the center room alone. Several small

                 spotlights shine from the ceiling and dance off of the glittering fabric as

                 visitors circle around. Greenberg's latest project, curious and cool, stands

                 out in the crowd."

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