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Jeremy J. Greenberg (born September 23, 1978) is an emerging American contemporary artist and designer known for his flamboyant and unabashedly flirtatious sculptures such as Flux Transducer produced in stainless steel, fabric, foam, heat lamps and motor.


“Jeremy is refreshingly real and sincere; he speaks with the cadence and slang of his neighborhoods, but now hungers for the great idea writers of the world along side his spider man comics. Jeremy has become a hybrid creator; crossing potent pollens from high street culture, slang and theory. He is an effective translator/moderator between art and non-art communities and this brings unique assets to institutions of art…”

– Duane McDiarmid, Artist & Associate Professor of Sculpture, Ohio University


“Playground furniture looking forms and comically exaggerated surface quality, together acts like a professional wrestling match where the competition of physical power and preplanned drama crisscross to make viewers not to dig into the issue of truth or false.”

– Yoshitomo Saito, Artist

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